DBCAN Provider

Job Description & Application

Title: DBCAN Provider
Location: Statewide

$250 sign-on bonus and $250 after 1 year commitment, $100 referral bonus


Empowers DeafBlind individuals to increase and sustain their independence in the community.


- Assist with various activities including:

        - Reading the mail and other printed materials

        - Running personal errands like shopping and attending appointments

        - Attending community, cultural, educational, recreational, and religious events

- Provide sighted guiding and navigation such as while using public transportation

- Communicate important information including a description of environment and events


- Have ASL skills to work with DeafBlind individuals who use ASL or have Spoken English skills to work with hard of hearing blind consumers who use Spoken English

- Have the ability to drive 10 miles or more to specific areas where the consumers live in different parts of Massachusetts


- Must participate in several days of training.

- Available weekdays and weekends with flexible hours.

- At least one year commitment is desired.

To Apply:

For an application form or questions, please contact:

Ann Thompson


VP: 617-208-4090

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